Dog Wash Pacific Pines Gold Coast

Gold Coast Dog Grooming and Hydro Dog Baths
Gold Coast Dog Grooming and Hydro Dog Baths
November 21, 2016
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Dog Wash Pacific Pines Gold Coast

Lil’ Woofers Dog Grooming is based at Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast. Lil’ Woofers, provide full dog grooming services, dog clipping/scissoring, nail clipping, ear cleaning, flea treatments and dog wash/hydrobath services.

For Pacific Pines, Oxenford, Studio Village, Coomera, Maudsland, Park Lake, Arundal, Gavin and Helensvale residents, Lil Woofers dog grooming provides a convenient base close to the Pacific Pines Primary and High schools. The mobile grooming room is rarely used these days due to high demand for a discounted price when visiting the Pacific Pines location.

Organic products are used in the Hydrobath, which have proven gentle and suitable for most dog’s skin types. We stock a range of shampoos for more sensitive dogs, or you are invited to bring your preferred product. Finishing colognes are made from a mix of organic essential oils, mixed with water and fragmented coconut or argan oil, leaving your dog not only smell great, but conditioning the coat and skin as the oils work their way through.

Prices can be found online on the Lil’ Woofers Dog Grooming website, or on the Lil’ Woofers Facebook page.


The best Dog Wash is by Hydrobath:

“Hydrobathing” is the best way of washing your pet, most commonly your dog. It works by spraying adjustable/high pressured water over the pet from a conventional shower head (usually handheld to allow for easier access to all areas of your pet). The water is then collected, filtered, and heated if necessary and then pumped back to the shower head. In this way, surprisingly little water is used. Once the bathing process is complete, the waste water is disposed of and fresh water is used to rinse off all the soap suds and then re-heated, ready for the next dog.

The water pressure and shower head actually gets right through the dog’s coat to the skin, and it is this, that gives the hydrobath its therapeutic benefits – both because it massages the dog and it allows the shampoos and other solutions used to penetrate right to the skin and cure problems such as skin infections, fleas and other parasites. The massage benefits of the hydrobath can help with ailments such as tired muscles, arthritis, and poor blood circulation, along with ridding your dog of dead skin cells and excess shedding.

You may think that a hydrobathing professional and a groomer provide the same services but, despite some crossover in the services they offer, they are actually quite different. A hydrobathing professional will mainly focus on bathing your dog but can offer some minor additional services such as nail clipping. A groomer will also bathe your dog but they provide a greater range of other services such as clipping and scissoring (to remove matts and tangles, to cool the pet, to create a designer look etc), nail trimming, trimming hair inside ears and around eyes, and so on.

Call/Txt to book: 0422067494

Open: Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm


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If you’re looking for a Gold Coast Dog Wash or Dog Grooming services, Lil’ Woofers Dog Grooming is conveniently at Pacific Pines for residents living in Oxenford, Studio Village, Helensvale, Coomera, Arundal, Park Lake, Maudsland, Gavin and Nerang.


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